About Us

About us

Foshan FuPin Ceramic is a manufacturers who is specialty products and sales wall & floor ceramics in Guangdong Foshan. Our company has the outstanding work team, For ensuring product quality and excellent stability ,our company introduced foreign advanced automated production line.Our main products are “FuPin Family” which is high-quality wall & floor tile in size of 300x450mm、300x600mm、300x300mm and the full polished glazed rustic tiles in size of 600x600mm、800x800mm.
Our company’s sales mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang area at present.Our company not only sell their own products, but also cooperate with several of Guangdong’s companys to sell series of polished tiles.
Our mission is all based on people.We wark hard to create high quality and fashion products in order to let the customers shared beautiful homeland.,